Friday, September 19, 2008

WSTK-ITV St. Boniface Haiti Blogspot Highlight You Tube Playlist

View "An Urgent Appeal for Haiti in Windows Media Player

Blogspot Highlights: Urgent Appeal For Haiti

Haiti Health/St. Boniface Haiti Foundation

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View "An Urgent Appeal for Haiti in Windows Media Player Below"

BLOGSPOT HIGHLIGHT "St. Boniface Haiti Appeal" for Fond Des Blancs, Haiti. On Sepetember 14th, 2008 Drs' Jeffrey and Shirley Canniff, received an urgent appeal from Connor Shapiro, community outreach worker of St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, Fond Des Blancs Haiti.

A Summarized Letter of Appeal:

Fond Des Blancs and the surrounding communities served by the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation have been crushed by the winds and rains of tropical storm Faye, Hurricane Gustav, tropical storm Hannah, and Hurricane Ike. I have lived through a few glancing hurricanes during my 5 years in Fond Des Blancs, but I never thought we could be hit with 4 in less than a month. The situation here in Fond Des Blancs, as well as throughout Haiti has been truly overwhelming. The United States organizations in Haiti estimate that at least 800,000 people have been affected by the storm and have launched an appeal for $100,000,000 to respond to the tragedy. In short, within the St. Boniface catchment area, hungry people are much hungrier, inadequate houses have crumbled, poor infrastructure has been rendered non-existent, and people we serve have been pushed to the brink.

For more on this article watch the above video and visit the following website: and make a donation

What St. Boniface is asking for is:

Labaleine Road Repair (Tractor, Rental, Gas, Etc.) - $2,000.00

School Tuition for vulnerable children -


Emergency Food for Families - $1,000

Improvements to Fond Des Blancs Parish Hall to convert to depot - $400

Nutrition Rapid Assessment (Unicef Framework) - $500

Logistical Support (transport emergency supplies, etc.)

Total Need: $5000.00

Thank you for your continued solidarity with the Haitian poor and your continued solidarity with the people of Fond Des Blancs. Feel free to contact Connor Shapiro direct by e-mail: or by telephone:

In His Love & Grace!
Drs' Shirley & Jeffrey Canniff
WSTK-ITV Media Missionary Team

Drs' Jeffrey and Shirley Canniff, General Managers of WSTK-ITV have posted a blog page at: on google. Their primary purpose in doing Bulletin Spotlight occassionally is to introduce WSTK-ITV video of the month from the folks in the WSTK-ITV faith community here on WSCIRO You Tube Channel as well as present to subscriber's, friends, and the future WSTK-ITV Faith-based family the latest in news development and updates related to WSTK-ITV and the community at large. We hope that this will bring a greater christian presence to the You Tube audience.

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